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Ohio Ride Guide 3

The Ohio Ride Guide 4, Ohio Ride Guide 3 and Ohio Ride Guide 2009 are a must have for discovering some of the best routes for motorcycling in the state of Ohio. Also with the Ohio Ride Guide 4 we includes rides in WV and PA that located right across the Ohio border.  These three guides showcase 60 of the most challenging, exciting, and scenic routes in the state.  

The Ohio Ride Guide 4 is NEW for 2013 and contains 17 rides in Ohio, Western PA and West Virginia.  The DVD also has a new filming style that enhances the riding experience.  The DVD includes very technically challenging rides like Route 284 and Route 47 in WV to very scenic rides like Route 9. This is great way to discover the best motorcycling in Ohio, WV and PA all in one day.  We have also included active maps that show you where to start and where to finish.

The Ohio Ride Guide 3 has 19 new motorcycling rides including the Ashtabula Covered Bridge tour.  You will discover all of these scenic covered bridges while exploring beautiful rides in Ashtabula county.  The DVD also has exciting rides like Route 555, Route 255, Route 536, Route 250 and more.  The Ohio Ride Guide 3 also includes an insert detailing all routes and all of the covered bridges in Ashtabula County.

The Ohio Ride Guide 2009 is the original Ohio Ride Guide with new and updated roads all filmed from a riders perspective.  When you order the Ohio Ride Guide 2009 you receive a DVD with over 25 rides on it.  You also receive a CD that contains maps you can print out for every ride on the Ohio Ride Guide 2009 and the Ohio Ride Guide II.  That is a total of over 45 maps.  The CD also cotains additional information on the restaurants and points of interest recommended in the guides.

When using either guide you will have a DVD menu presenting each route.  Select the route you wish to view and begin discovering these awesome rides. As you watch each ride you will view actual video footage from a riders viewpoint while seeing road conditions, route style, scenery, potential obstacles, points of interest, recommended restaurants, and much more.  When viewing a particular route you will be given a narrative overview detailing the specifics of that route.  You will discover where the route is located, how long each route is, the best locations to start, places to stop and more.  For anyone who loves to ride and wants to discover some of the most exciting routes in Ohio this is the resource for you!

All the Ohio Ride Guides can be viewed in any DVD player.